Build Global Partnerships

Build Global Partnerships

Marianas flying foxes
The population of the endangered Marianas flying foxes (Pteropus mariannus)
is severely fragmented and is threatened by ongoing deforestation for
development, illegal hunting, and introduced species (e.g., brown tree snake,
Boiga irregularis). It is susceptible to typhoons, which are common in the area,
and volcanic eruptions on the island of Anatahan are a major threat as regular
eruptions cover large portions of the island in ash.

Arresting and reversing the decline of bats around the world requires a comprehensive effort, that not only includes those directly involved in bat education, conservation and research, but also governmental organizations as well as more diverse NGOs that will bring new sets of skills to the challenges we face for bat conservation.

In Oceania, BCI is currently exploring and forging new partnerships with individuals and organizations at the local, country, and regional level to expand and strengthen our network for collaboration in Oceania and beyond with the long-term goal of building a unified global federation of networks, organizations, and individuals, all united in the cause of bat conservation.

The Australasian Bat Society (ABS) is the only bat organization that has a regional mission for all of Oceania, although most of its historic and current focus remains on the bat conservation challenges within Australia. In the past year, BCI and ABS have begun exploring opportunities for collaborating on mutual priorities in Oceania.

We have joined the Micronesia Challenge and are opening discussions with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), and the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) to begin to build a broader network where bat conservation is institutionalized into regional initiatives.

Going forward, BCI will encourage other non-governmental organizations, universities, local, regional and national governments, as well as corporate organizations to engage in effective collaborative partnerships to launch initiatives of high conservation value for bats.


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