Batty jack-o-lanternJack-o'-lantern carving is a favorite Halloween project for the whole family. This year why not carve a boo-tiful bat on your pumpkin!

BCI will help get you started with our bat jack-o'-lantern templates. They are easy to use, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click on your favorite template link below.
  2. Print the PDF that opens in your browser.
  3. Cut a hole in your pumpkin on the top, big enough to get your hand in there.
  4. Scoop out all the stuff in the pumpkin — this part is messy so have fun!
  5. Pin or tape your template/pattern to your pumpkin.
  6. Use an awl or pen to poke small holes along the black edge of the shape.
  7. Remove the paper and, using a knife, cut along the small holes you made.
  8. Drop a candle or light in your pumpkin and take a look in the dark!


No. 1 bat-o-lantern design  No. 2 bat-o-lantern design



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