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Cryptic Cookies take on Bat Conservation

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Cryptic Cookies take on Bat Conservation

Published on October 28, 2016

This October, the "Cryptic Cookies" - a First Lego League (FLL) team - reached out to Bat Conservation International for help with this year's FLL challenge, "Animal Allies." They had chosen bats as their topic and BCI helped the team with creation of an iBook on bats. Along with the iBook, the team also created two Bat Week education displays in Batiquitos Lagoon Nature Center and in the Dove Library in Carlsbad, California. The team also organized a successful 'Pulling for Bats' event at the Batiquitos Lagoon. The Cryptic Cookies shared with us their experience of working on the project.

Bat flying in the sky
The team stands with one of their Bat Week displays.
Courtesy of Motoko Aoki

“Yes, the bats fly over here every night.” We were shocked! These animals traveled right over us and we barely knew they existed. We found this out when our First Lego League (FLL) team decided to focus on bat conservation as a project. We were drawn to bats at first by the problem of White-nose syndrome. Then, we realized that bats face a multitude of problems.

Bat flying in the sky
Pulling for bats.
Courtesy of Motoko Aoki

To decide which bat-related issues to focus on, we talked to some experts in the field. We spoke to several of them, including Ms. Bronwyn Hogan of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife services and Mr. Dan Taylor from Bat Conservation International. After our interesting conversations with these experts, we felt that the bat conservation education is something we should do as our project for FLL.

We found that people didn’t know how important bats are to the environment, and the dire situation they are facing today through our in-person survey; they were shocked to hear that 77 species of bats are listed in endangered species list!

As a part of the team’s solution, we wrote an iBook and created a board game about bats to educate kids like ourselves. The iBook, Days of Danger; The Life of a Bat is written in a bat’s point of view, and the board game is trivia-based to teach kids about bat anatomy, habitat, and conservation in a fun way!

FLL encourages teams to share their projects in the communities. People were very open to learning about bats and bat conservation issues. We hope that our project will increase awareness of this very important issue.

First Lego League (FLL) Team, “Cryptic Cookies”  (Team# 23875)

Naythan Chan
Kiran Jayasinghe
Simran Jayasinghe
Brady Nicol



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